I work for bands, artists, direct customers and agencies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

If you have any questions feel free to write me here. That way you can also get more examples, songs and references, if you like.




Arroganz - Dark and Deathless

Sintech - Schlampenfeuer


Varg - Wolfskult

Vermin - Mind Control

Miseo - Lunatic Confessions

Varg - Guten Tag


Arroganz - kaos.kult.kreation
Varg - Blutaar



M = Mix | R = Recording | RM = Remix | P=Producer | SP = Studio Performance | A = Assistance

A Throne for Elyas (M)
Acira (M,R)
Acoustic Black (M,R,P)
Alice Roger (M,R)
Anna Murphy (RM)
Arroganz (M,R,P)
a.death.experience (R, P, M)
Break Down A Venue (R, P, M)
Black Texas (M,R,SP)
Burnin‘ Alive (M)
Blutmond (SP)
Carpe Noctem (R, M)
Crashing Crew (M)
Crystal Rose (P, R, M)
Cubeaudio Studios (M, R, RM, P, SP)
Deadfreight of Soul (R,M,P,SP)
Drown in Grace (R,M,P)

Driftwood Amplifiers
Epic (M)
Godswill (M,R)
Irvina Gass (P, R, M)
Infected World (P, R, M)
Jacobus & Jeremyr (R)
Jacura Serroc (R, P, M)
James Lynch (R, P, M, SP)
Lasse Lammert (A)
Last Argument (M,R)
Milking the Goatmachine (M)
Minas Morgul (M,R)
Miseo (R,M)
Petra Dombrowski (R, M)
Rune (R, P, M, SP)
Ruddy Estévez (M)
Red Shoes (M)

Ritual Killing (M,R,A)
Ryders (R,M,P)
Searching for Sam (M)
Secrets of Sin (M,R,P)
Siemens (R)
Sintech (M,R,P,SP)
Spin My Fate (M,P)
Stereoswitch (M)
The Academic Failure (M)
The Heron Theme (M)
Trust in Random (M,R)
Uncle Herb (M)
Prashant Prabhakar (R)
Pub ’n‘ Steel (M,R)
Varg (M,R,P,SP)