Who I Am

Hi, I am Timo Rotten. I work in the music business for about 15 years by now and my heart beats for music.
I have a bachelor of arts in audio engineering and play several instruments. I have toured through many countries on different continents and played on countless stages. I even entered the german album charts three times. So far.


What I Do

Currently I work as a freelance music producer and audio engineer in Vienna, Austria.

Besides that I write songs and tour with my bands Varg (Napalm Records) and Sintech.

Music is definitely not just a part of my life. My life is a part of music!


Why You Need Me

Your music is important to me.
I really like working with artists all around the world.
I love taking part in the process of creating something new – something unique – something with a soul.
The way from a raw songsketch to a great song with a brilliant finished mix is a long hard road. But I like to go that road again and again.